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Welcome to our website. Our company - the Zoltex Yourcontact Marketing and Advertisement Ltd. - has been producing and sellingcotton, textile and non-woven textile products since this January. Our first and most important aim is to encourage the usage of natural or recyclable products when advertising and promoting your company, or when you give promotional gifts.

Why to use our products?

  • durable
  • usable
  • eye-catching
  • recyclable
  • environment friendly

Further reasons:

  • several different colours are available (natural, black, blue, red, green, white, etc.)
  • custom designed products (bags, shopping bags, suitcases, wedding dress- cases, massage sheets, etc.)
  • custom designed sizes
  • with or without the logo of your company
  • in large or small quantity as well
  • with a few days of delivery time ...

... we offer our products!

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Zoltan Belak M.D.


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